Our Legacy

Family inspires us. It is how we began, why we continue, and what we hope accompanies our wines at your dinner table. Et Fille, which means “and daughter”, was co-founded in 2003 by father and daughter winemakers Howard and Jessica Mozeico. They made wine together for fourteen years until Howard’s untimely death.

Howard began making wine in his garage in 1984 as a hobby while he was a software engineer by day. Soon his passion was fueled and he began taking classes, winning competitions, and helping local winemakers. Jessica started to help as a diversion from her day job as a biotechnology marketer. In 2003, Howard and Jessica joined forces and started Et Fille together.

Today, Jessica operates the business, making elegantly complex wines inspired by her late father's legacy and her daughter's future. She says, "I have the honor and responsibility to carry Et Fille forward in a manner that is consistent with my dad's vision, values, and palate. I will continue building the legacy of Et Fille for my daughter." She has rooted the winery in the Et Fille Ethic, which guides our purpose and practices.

The Et Fille logo - consisting of the two holding hands - was designed by Michael Dudok de Wit, whose short animated film, Father and Daughter, won the 2000 Academy Award.