How Has Harvest 2019 Gone So Far?

September weather provided a dramatic bookend to the 2019 growing season, with more rain than expected and a cold snap that brought night temperatures down to the high 30s in the second half of the month. The rain and cooler temperatures meant we had different challenges to address than the warm and dry 2014-2018 vintages. We took active steps to mitigate mold and mildew development such as field sorting, late season sprays, and leaf pulling to open airflow.

Harvest was highly compressed with all five of our pinot noir sites coming in to the winery within five days. The primary reason for this was to avoid mold and mildew development from the rains. Now that all the fruit is safely in the winery, I am pleased with the moderate alcohol levels, acid retention, and aromatics thus far. I would expect a more classically Oregon vintage of alcohols in the 12.3-13.3% range, ending pHs around 3.50-3.60, and more subtle tannins.