In Honor of Family

It has been one year since Howard, my dad and winemaking partner, died unexpectedly. It seems an appropriate time to thank you for your support and share my hope for the future.

Family inspires us. It is how we began and why we continue. Howard and I started the winery with the goal of creating wines that bring together family, friends, and warm conversation over shared meals. We made wine together for fourteen years.  Now, I have the honor of carrying Et Fille forward in a manner that is consistent with his vision, values, and palate.

My goal is to create wines that my dad would love and be proud of sharing. To ensure his legacy lives on, in the past year, we have moved the winery to a sparkling new facility, expanded our production team, and rebranded our communications and website. This was possible because we have a spectacular team, generous support from our winemaking colleagues and partners, and loyal customers.

During this year of grief, wine has been grounding. Winemaking follows the cycles of the seasons. No matter how we feel on any given day, grapes ripen. Harvests proceed. Wines ferment. I check our vines this spring with my daughter, Gabriella, and know that bud break will come again soon. We are always moving forward.

I ask you to raise a glass to Howard and in honor of family. May your family legacies and future generations inspire you.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Warmest Regards,