Harvest Update

As a vintage, this year’s harvest is shaping up to be generous and balanced. The season started out slowly with a cool spring, then turned into a hot and dry summer. We are now tracking Growing Degree Days (GDD), our measure of heat accumulation during grape growing season, at twenty percent higher than average. As a result, grape clusters were large, resilient, and crop loads were twenty percent heavier than planned. We had a welcome cooling in late September, which allowed flavor development to catch up with sugar levels. We harvested between 9/29-10/07 and then had ideal conditions for the next few weeks, which allowed for the most perfect temperature control during fermentation that I have seen in our fifteen year history. What this means for the wines thus far is that yields have been bountiful, wines have balanced alcohol and acidity levels, and possess power without overt extraction. We are just starting to press the first of our wines and will be sending them off to barrel within the next week.