Howard's Bio


Et Fille, which means “and daughter”, honors the hand-in-hand team of Co-Owners and Co-Winemakers Howard Mozeico and daughter Jessica Mozeico. The two founded Et Fille Wines in 2003.

Howard fell in love with wine over dinner on his first wedding anniversary, when he ordered a nice bottle of Burgundy to celebrate. It was a Pommard and started Howard on his path to Pinot.

Howard has studied biology/chemistry, philosophy, mathematics, and computer science. He worked as a hot dog vendor at Yankee Stadium, a journeyman carpenter, a software engineer, a software manager, a co-owner of a tiny electronics company, and a winemaker. Howard was an early employee or founder at four startups. The only thread through that resonates is that winemaking started as a hobby in the garage and diversion from the rigors of a startup, then became a passion, and 19 years later became a daily obsession. The thing that matters most, though, is that Howard is traveling this path with his daughter.